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Welcome to Files for Upload, This process was created to allow unregistered and new users to add new files to the Everything Food & Drink project with the assistance of established users. If you would like to upload an image yourself, you can create an account and request your account be given Uploader access, you my request here Requests for permissions and be able to upload files at MyWiki.

Submitting a Request
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If you...
If you would like to submit a request...
  • click the 'Submit a Request' link below and follow the upload Wizard instructions.
  • after your request is submitted your request will be reviewed and the image will be uploaded if it conforms to the guidelines in the Wizard and guidelines on Everything Food & Drink. Check back regularly in case there are any questions about your request.
  • note that your request might take some time to be reviewed, please be patient.

Submit a Request
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File examples

Current requests

Test Request

Test Request 2