Sure it's Salami

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This recipe came from Fransiscus Butcher Supplies of Omaha, Nebraska (1979). - Donna Schumacher

Mix all ingredients together and knead well. Let set overnight or longer in refrigerator. They say to make into 10½ inch rolls and bake in a 150 degree oven on a rack so grease drips off for 8 hours, turning after 4 hours. But, I stuff mine into a casing that takes 3 pounds of mix and bake on a rack. (I did hand stuff them until I got a sausage stuffer).

A special note from the Chef Chef's note: {{{1}}} You get all these spices, cure and casings at Holbarts in Omaha. Ask for Nick. It used to be Fransiscus, on about 10th Street.

This also makes a nice gift.

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