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Quick access to frequent and commonly used editor templates.

Discussion Templates

Discussion Templates
Display Use Display Use Display Use
The death.svg Founder's note : {{founder-note}} Casque de pompier.png Security note : {{security-note}} EFD CheckUser 1.png Checkuser's note : {{cu-note}}
Crystal Clear app lassist.png Bureaucrats Note: {{crat-note}} Crystal Clear action info.png Administrators' note: {{admin-note}} Crystal package system.png Technicians note: {{tech-note}}
YesY Done {{done}} N Not done {{not done}} Not sure {{not sure}}
Support {{support}} Oppose {{oppose}} Symbol neutral vote.svg Neutral {{neutral}}
Doing... {{doing}} Completed {{completed}} Fixed {{fixed}}
Crystal Clear action edit add.png Added {{added}} Deleted: {{delete}} 25px Working... {{working}}
This message box is using an invalid "type=warning" parameter and needs fixing.
{{warning}} Red flag II.svg Red flag {{redflag}} {{question}}

Page Templates

Page Templates
Display Use
Circle-style-warning.svgThis is a test account and is used for administrative testing only!
{{blocked user}}
{{xproject blocked/banned user}}
{{blocked proxy}}
EFD CheckUser 1.png
CheckUser evidence has determined that the IP address or network of your account has been used, not necessarily by you, to disrupt the Everything Food & Drink project. It has been blocked from editing to prevent further abuse. If you get this message, please read the following information.
While the Everything Food & Drink project tries to be open, in some exceptional cases it may unfortunately be necessary to block a range of IP address or entire network to prevent editing by abusers, vandals, block evaders and Spambots. Range blocks can affect users who have not done anything wrong; if you are a legitimate user, please follow the instructions below to edit despite the block. Otherwise you may appeal the block here.