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HotCat is a JavaScript program that helps registered users easily remove, change and add categories to From Everything Food & Drink pages. It has a suggestions list that will propose existing categories for auto-completion.

Example of HotCat usage


To install HotCat, simply go to your preferences and check the HotCat option in the Gadgets tab.

Alternatively you can:

  1. Copy the text below and paste it to the bottom of your script file:
  2. Save the new script page, and
  3. Completely refresh your browser by bypassing your cache.
  4. Done! You will now have + and - signs next to your categories. Clicking these allows for easy editing, removing and changing of categories.

How to use[edit]

Whenever a page is loaded, HotCat looks for the category bar. If there are visible categories, it adds links to easily remove, change or add categories:

A category bar as modified by HotCat

The new links are:

  • "(-)" after a category: when clicked, the category is automatically removed.
  • "(±)" after a category: when clicked, an input field to change this category is opened.
  • "(+)" at the end of the list of categories: when clicked, an input field to add a category is opened.
  • "(++)" at the front: when clicked, enters multi-change mode, allowing modifying more than one category.

If HotCat can detect that a certain category is not in the page text itself but was transcluded onto the page from a template or other transclusion, it will not add these links. Only categories that are present in the wikitext of the page itself can be modified through HotCat.