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The username policy describes generally accepted practices and naming conventions in operating an account on Everything Food & Drink. Please note that your account on other MediaWiki Projects will not work on the Everything Food & Drink wiki. You will have to create a new account that follows the policy specified below.

You may wish to create an account if you do not already have one. Creating an account provides a number of benefits, including hiding your IP address from public view.

Appropriate usernames

There are five types of usernames that are specifically disallowed:

  • Misleading usernames imply misleading things about the contributor. Usernames that imply a position of authority on Everything Food & Drink, usernames that impersonate other people, or any other usernames that may be misleading in nature are not allowed. Use common sense when determining whether a username is allowed or not.
  • Promotional usernames promote individuals, groups, or companies on Everything Food & Drink. Usernames that are the names of such groups are not allowed.
  • Offensive usernames are those that offend other editors. Usernames that attack sexual orientation, gender, race, etc. are not allowed.
  • Disruptive usernames include outright trolling or personal attacks. These usernames show a clear intention to disrupt Everything Food & Drink.
  • Real names of notable people cannot be used as your Everything Food & Drink username. Please verify your identity with the staff if you are using such a name.

Cross project usernames

If you already have an account on another MediaWiki Project, you should register under the same name on this wiki. This ensures that it will be easy for other users to recognize you. Usernames are reserved for existing project members, which means that if you are registered on one project under a name, that same name will be available to you on all other Everything Food & Drink projects. If your Everything Food & Drink username is unavailable here, please notify the administrators at the noticeboard.

Verified accounts

If you have an account on a recognized site, you may request a special "verified" flag on your account to indicate that you are indeed the same user. Currently recognized sites include Wikipedia (and all other Wikimedia Foundation projects), the Facebook Developer Forum, CriticalSecurity.Net, and HackThisSite. Verification may be requested at the community noticeboard.