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Oversighting on Everything Food & Drink(also known as Suppression) is a form of enhanced deletion which, unlike normal deletion, expunges information from any form of usual access even by administrators. It is used within strict limits to remove defamatory material, to protect privacy, and sometimes to remove serious copyright violations, from any page or log entry (including if required the list of users) on Everything Food & Drink.

On Everything Food & Drink, "oversight", the right to suppress edits, is entrusted to a restricted number of users, who can suppress material if it meets the strict requirements below. Use of these tools is monitored both by other oversighters who patrol the log, and by Bureaucrats.


This feature is approved for use in these cases:

  1. Removal of non-public personal information, such as phone numbers, home addresses, workplaces or identities of pseudonymous or anonymous individuals who have not made their identity public. This includes hiding the IP data of editors who accidentally logged out and thus inadvertently revealed their own IP addresses. Oversight/suppression is a tool of first resort in removing this information.

In the following cases, revision and/or log suppression may be used when justified by the circumstances. However, consideration should be given to whether administrative revision deletion is an adequate response:

2. Removal of potentially libelous information, either: a) when issues come up that could affect the repuation of the user if kept public or b) when the case is clear, and there is no editorial reason to keep the revision.
3. Removal of copyright infringement, on the advice of Wikimedia Foundation counsel.
4. Hiding of blatant attack names on automated lists and logs, where this does not disrupt edit histories. A blatant attack is one obviously intended to denigrate, threaten, libel, insult, or harass someone.
5. Removal of vandalism. Suppression may be occasionally used to remove vandalism for which removal by normal administrative measures is insufficient. The following cases apply: Dangerous Links, Illegal Content, Sockpuppetry where edit is purely disruptive to the point admins should not see.



Users with the "Oversight" permission can perform the following actions:

  1. Suppress and unsuppress elements of individual page revisions (any or all of the text, username, or edit summary) using RevisionDelete.
  2. Suppress and unsuppress log entries.
  3. Suppress and unsuppress user names when blocking.
  4. Review the suppression logs (one for each tool) and suppressed material.

Page revisions suppressed with the Oversight extension do not leave a placeholder in the page history and can not be restored. Revisions suppressed with RevisionDelete leave a visible placeholder in the page history and can be restored if the situation calls for it.


Revisions that have been suppressed using Oversight are logged at Special:Oversight.

The RevisionDelete extension can be used both by oversighters, and (when appropriately configured) by administrators. Oversighters may select whether RevisionDelete will be used as a suppression action that prevents administrator access, or as an administrator action that any administrator can see and modify; administrators only have access to the latter. The action will be logged in the suppression log or deletion log accordingly.

  1. Page revisions and logged events that have been suppressed using the "also hide from administrators" checkbox are logged in the suppression log.
  2. Page revisions and logged events that have been deleted by an oversighter without using the "hide from administrators" checkbox or by an administrator, are logged in the deletion log.[1]
  3. Accounts which are blocked with the "suppress user name from lists" checkbox are logged in the suppression log.

The logs list who made the removal, when, from which page, and a provided comment. A diff link to compare the previous live revision to the hidden one is available.


  1. The reason for this behavior is that RevisionDelete is configured to allow administrators to hide page revisions from regular editors but not other admins, while allowing users with "oversight" permission to hide page revisions from regular users and admins. Admin suppressions are logged in the deletion log and are viewable and reversible by other admins, while revisions suppressed by oversighters are hidden from admins as well and logged in the suppression log.