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Everything Food & Drink Image policy is a guide to using images in mainspace pages and recipes. Most mainspace pages using images to show a likeness of a item, recipe or drink on that page can most commonly and easily be linked to an image from Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons. This is the preferred way of EFD. When posting an Image to a page use this template. These images are "generic" images to illustrate the subject of the page or section on or in which it is posted. The " link= you must link image to it's file page| " parameter of the file MUST be linked back to the file page of the image being used. Any file not linked can be tagged
" <---- [[File:EXAMPLE]] ---> " for improper file use or better yet just fix it.


All images are uploaded to MyWiki. This is the image file repository for the Everything Food & Drink project.

Actual Images

Using Actual images of recipes will require a different template. Actual images of a posted recipe or drink will be required to use the "thumb" option in the file command. The caption of the thumb must note ie. (Actual Image) of .....

Non-free files

The project policy concerning non-free files is, your upload has to have all properly filled out rational templates placed on the file page and the file has to be used on somewhere, files with a rational template attached and not being used (orphaned) will be deleted.

Wikipedia or Common's image use template

[[File:|size in px|location, left, right, center|link= you must link image to it's file page
|"alt" text]]

MyWiki image use template

[[File:|size in px|thumb|location: left, right, center|link= you must link image to it's file page
|Caption: "your description" (Actual image of recipe / drink)]]